Interactive Solution for Children Playground

Sindrax Interactive Solution for Indoor Playground Equipment utilizes computer vision, augmented reality, and other interactive technologies to bring indoor play areas to life thus enables kids to interact in a digital and immersive indoor playground area.


1.Makes traditional indoor play area more engaging, immersive, and educational.
2.Provides unlimited play and learn experience with limited space at a reasonable cost.
3.Provides user behavior report with detailed insights to optimize the operation of Children Indoor Playground.


Applicable Scenarios:

Indoor Playground, FEC, Amusement Centers, Kindergarten, Children Museum, etc


In indoor playgrounds, kids museums, amusement centers, family entertainment centers, and other kids’ spaces, finding innovative ways to captivate and inspire has become a new imperative.


Sindrax Interactive Solution for Indoor Playground Equipment comes with comprehensive edutainment content that can attract more parents to bring their children to the Children Indoor Playgrounds. Parents can play with children together to effectively promote the parent-child relationship.


The solution helps develop curiosity and creativity by allowing imaginative freedom within structured programs. Sindrax Technologies also supports multi-player options that help children to develop sharing skills.


The Interactive Solution for Indoor Playground Equipment is based on Intel end-to-end IoT solution and powered by Intel Core® and Pentium® processors. Intel® based solution harness the power of interactive displays and sensors to strengthen learning and communication—enabling a more visual and connected experience. Made possible by Intel® IoT partners Sindrax, the solution is adaptable, vetted, and ready for immediate deployment.

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