Interactive Wall Projection

“Magic Ball” is an innovative ball-throwing game, which combines traditional ball pool with multi-media interactive system. Kids strike ocean balls to characters on the interactive screen, and the screen shows eye-catching effects. This product helps kids develop various physical skills.

If you are looking for an upgrade solution for traditional ball pit in your indoor kids area, Magic Ball will be a great choice, with 30 2D/3D game themes and dual-play mode.

Applicable Scenario: Indoor Playground, FEC, Amusement Centers, Preschool, Kid-friendly Restaurant, Kindergarten, Children Museum.


Combines with traditional ball pool enhances competitiveness.

Supports multiplayers to accumulate popularity and to increase revenue.

Offering multiple famous IP and systematic original themes to keep user’s loyalty.


Pick up the ocean ball → Hit interactive screen → the screen presents special effects → Scoring


Single Player Series (32+ Themes)

Double Players Series (16+ Themes)

3D Series (7+ Themes)


Device Parameter
Projector Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector
Motion Sensor Laser Motion Sensing System
Server Computer Processor:Intel® Pentium® Processor

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