“Smart Height Scale” is a multi-media height scale system for kids. Kids can have non-contact height measurement after standing at front of an LCD screen. The screen displays dynamic visual effects and an animated cartoon character during the measurement process which bring a lot of fun to kids.

If you are looking for an interactive height measurement for kids, Smart Height Scale can be a perfect choice. With the eye-catching animation of cartoon characters or even some customized characters, kids would love to try it out.

Applicable Scenario: Indoor Playground, FEC, Amusement Centers, Preschool, Kids-friendly Restaurant, Kindergarten, Children Museum, etc.


Create spontaneous circusee and increase customer traffic flow.

Keep kids’ grow up record.

Dynamic animation develops children’s ability of self-recognization.


1. Stand in the designated measurement area.
2. Animation waiting for measurement.
3. Real height data and qr code, scanning to obtain records.



Device Parameter
43 inch LCD screens LCD
Motion Sensor Depth Sensor(Kinect2.0)
Server Computer Processor:Intel® Core™ i3

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