Interactive Wall Projection

“Magic Wall” integrates real decoration with digital content. When kids touch a real decorative wall, appealing visual effects emerge around the touching point, which makes kids look like magicians.

If you are looking for a multimedia solution to decorate your wall in your indoor kids area, Magic Wall can be a good choice if you want to make your wall an interactive touchable wall.

Applicable Scenario: Indoor Playground, FEC, Amusement Centers, Preschool, Kids-friendly Restaurant, Kindergarten, Children Museum, Kids Clinic, etc.


Supports multiplayers, accumulate popularity.

Various educational content, combine ‘Play’ and ‘Learn’.

Appealing big screen, attracts customers.


1. Touch the wall pattern.  2. Animation effect presentation.


IP Series

Original Series


Device Parameter
Projector Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector
Motion Sensor Infrared motion sensor system
Server Computer Processor:Intel® Pentium® Processor

Project References

Beijing Vitaland Kid-friendly Restaurant

Wuxi Dafu Museum

Ningbo Taoyuan Square