“Crazy Trampoline” is a interactive system integrates multimedia screen and trampoline perfectly. It turns the trampoline into a technological role-play game and stimulates users’ interests of exercise.

If you are looking for an interactive solution for your trampoline in your indoor kids area, Crazy Trampoline will be a great choice. Kids would love to jump up and down on the crazy trampoline.

Applicable Scenario: Kid Playground, Theme Park, Kid-friendly Restaurant, Trampoline Park, Real Estate, Children’s Hospital, Hotel, Parent-kid Home Stay.


Increases the interactivity and entertainment of traditional trampoline.

Open-type product accumulates popularity and improve the image of the site.

Stimulates children’s interest in sports, develops their physical skills.


1.Enter the designated area.  2.Bounce interaction.  3.Get the cool experience.



Device Parameter
Projector Laser projector
Motion Sensor Infrared motion sensor system
Server Computer Processor:Intel® Pentium® Processor
Interactive Screen 55inch Infrared Touch Screen

Project References

Ningbo Duo Le Dao Trampoline Park