“Augmented Climbing Wall” is an automatic and interactive game platform for tranditional climbing wall. Games make training fun, motivate kids to move and give feedback to improve their climbing skills.

If you are looking for an interactive solution to upgrade traditional climbing wall in your kids area, Augmented Climbing will be your best choice. With various of eye-catching effects, your climbing wall will be much more attractive to kids.

Applicable Scenario: Indoor Playground, FEC, Amusement Centers, Preschool, Kids-friendly Restaurant, Kindergarten, Children Museum, etc.


Improves the image of the site accumulates popularity and increases revenue.

Utilized with operation activity.

Stimulate children’s interest of sports develops their physical skills.


Wear safety equipment → Climb according to the instructions → Complete the task



Device Parameter
Projector Laser Projector
Motion Sensor Intel® RealSense™ Depth Sensor with OpenVINO™
Server Computer Processor:Intel® Core™ i5

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