Our solutions utilizes computer vision, augmented reality, and interactive projection technologies to specifically serve Indoor Playground, FEC, Amusement Centers, Preschool, Kids-friendly Restaurant, Kindergarten, Children Museum, etc.

The solution with various interactive projection products upgrades traditional playground to be more engaging, immersive, and educational experience.


Applicable Scenario:Indoor Playground, FEC, Amusement Centers, Kindergarten, Children Museum, etc

The solutions provides a digital play area with comprehensive content for family dining customers and improves and improve family customers’ dining experience in restaurants.


Applicable Scenario: Kid-friendly Restaurant,Chained Restaurant

The solution with a series of interactive projection systems enhances the family customers’ experience and increase customer dwell time in retail stores.


Applicable Scenario:New mother and baby retail store, children’s hospital, resort hotel, family bath center, children’s barber shop

The solution provides immersive game-based learning experience and develops children’s both physical and cognitive abilities.


Applicable Scenario: Pre-schools, Kindergarden, Sensory Cente

The solution combining Interactive multi-media technologies with traditional sports, empower traditional sports games with more sense of technology and fun.


Applicable Scenario: Kids Playground,Sports Center,Kid-friendly Club,gym,FEC

interactive sensory room

The solution trains special needs children in sensory cognition, physical coordination and social interaction through multimedia images, animation, audio and other integrated game methods, allowing children to learn and grow in a relaxed atmosphere.


Applicable Scenario: Special Needs Schools, Preschools, Daycares, Therapy Centers, Developmental Centers, nursery schools, airports.