Commercial spaces increasingly emphasize the experience of family customers which can drive revenue from both parents and kids. Retail operators are willing to have more facilities for children in order to increase parent dwell time.



1.Enhance the family customers’ experience and increase customer dwell time.
2.Retrieve parent’s contact info and customer behavior report.


Applicable Scenario:

Retail Store, Toy Store, Shopping Mall, Children’s Hospital, Resorts


Leveraging cutting-edge interactive multimedia technology and IP content, Sindrax Interactive Solution For Retail Kids Corner can provide diversified digital content for Kid-friendly retail stores, attract large number of families, increase customers’ dwell time increase brand influence, and improve space utilization. The solution has been used in baby store, toys store, hotels, Children Hospital, etc.


The solutions consists of various floor and wall projections games, and interactive tables. with comprehensive edutainment digital kids games.


In addition, it’s achieved with big data analysis based on collected kids behavior data and parents’ data to realize adaptive learning. In commercial application, the branch operators can monitor customer usage rate with a detail report generated from the network connected system.

All the systems in the solution are based on Intel end-to-end IoT solution and powered by Intel Core® and Pentium® processors. Intel® based solution harness the power of interactive displays and sensors to strengthen learning and communication—enabling a more visual and connected experience. Made possible by Intel® IoT partners Sindrax, the solution is adaptable, vetted, and ready for immediate deployment.

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Project Reference of Interactive Solution for Retail Kids Corner

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 Israel Nahariya Municipal Library

Kidstoo Kid-friendly Restaurant,Hangzhou