Commercial spaces increasingly emphasize the experience of family customers which can drive revenue from both parents and kids. Retail operators are willing to have more facilities for children in order to increase parent dwell time.

Leveraging cutting-edge interactive multimedia technology and IP content, Sindrax interactive multimedia solution can provide diversified digital solutions for kid friendly new retail occassions, attracte large number of families, increase customers’ dwell time increase brand influence, and improve space utilization. The solution has been used in baby store, toys store, kids restaurant, hotels, etc.

The soltuions consists of various floor and wall projections games, and interactive tables. with comprehensive edutainment digital kids games.

In addition, it’s achieved with big data analysis based on collected kids behavior data and parents’ data to realize adaptive learning. In commercial application, the branch operators can monitor customer usage rate with a detail report generated from the network connected system.

The soltuions has been sucessfully deployed by McDonalds, PizzaHut, Haidilao, Kidswant, Red Baby etc.

Project References

Hangzhou Mei Ao Children’s Hospital

Suzhou McDonald

Shanghai Kid-friendly Restaurant