Kids enjoying the “Magic Brush”-interactive touch screen sketch and projection game,” Kids STEM Lab” interactive touch screen game and “Fantasy Zone”-interactive projection floor game deployed in Indonesia Jakarta jiggle Jungle Indoor Playground.

jiggle jungle indoor playground magic ball interactive wall projection

Jakarta, Indonesia

Playground Profile :

Jakarta jiggle Jungle indoor playground was founded by four moms who were frustrated to find a place in the neighborhood for kids to burn out excessive energies in the gloomy rainy days, — and there are so many! They decided to build an indoor playground for babies and toddlers to jump, climb, slide, and laugh; rain or shine.

Related Products:

Magic Brush Interactive Sketch Book

It is a multi-media interactive entertainment system for preschool kids to develop their creativity and scientific thinking.  Kids can interact on the big touch-table, and generate an “alive” scenario on a large projected screen. This product utilizes computer vision, multi-screen interaction, AR technology.

Kids STEM Lab

It is a gamified multi-touch educational product. It allows kids to freely create structure and guide water flow or balls to generate various effects,which develops kids’ hands-on and scientific thinking skills.

Fantasy Zone

It is a scenario-based multimedia system. Kids’ body motion create fantasy interaction effects. The interesting interactive games make the real space into virtual and interactive interface.

Magic Ball

It is an innovative ball-throwing game, which combines traditional ball pool with multi-media interactive system. Kids strike ocean balls to characters on the interactive screen, and the screen shows eye-catching effects. This product helps kids develop various physical skills.